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Shock as JEEMA boss spills People Power Movement secrets

by James Ateenyi

JEEMA Security for Publicity Abdul Noor Kyamundu had revealed how JEEMA party masterminded the creation of People Power Movement.

Kyamundu says that during Bugiri municipality by-election, JEEMA top leadership advised Bobi Wine to form a pressure group in order to market him come 2021 General elections.

“I see people claiming to be members of the top organs of People Power Movement and I wonder if they know what they are talking about. The whole thing started with us in JEEMA. It was in Bugiri and we agreed with Hon Bobi Wine to use the one pointed finger as the symbol for People Power. Coincidentally that same symbol for People Power happens to be the JEEMA symbol too but what matters here most is not JEEMA but using the People Power platform to mobilize Ugandans and end the Museveni tyranny,” Kyamundu said.

Bigirwa, a DP firebrand from Buyende in Busoga, had downplayed the weight of Sarah Babirye (the JEEMA Bugweri candidate) by saying that there is a lot that Kyamundu doesn’t know in People Power because “these are high level meetings where he doesn’t sit.”

The two camps are fronting two different candidates for the newly created Bugweri district with both camps claiming to be backed by Bobi Wine as the official People Power Movement candidate.

JEEMA party has fronted city lawyer Sarah Babirye and DP party are backing Mercy Walukamba who the Kyamundus say can’t be trusted because she is NRM.

“We were in Bugweri over the weekend to clarify the confusion Bigirwa and his candidate Walukamba are creating in the constituency. We had gone to emphasize to our supporters that the People Power candidate who even Bobi is backing in Sarah Babirye and not Walukamba who is NRM because she hasn’t denounced the party. She even paid the Shs2m for Tanga’s nomination and I’m sure she will be on the NRM ballot paper for primaries. We had to go to Bugweri to reenergize our people and ask them to ensure Walukamba stops using the People Power symbol in her mobilization which incidentally doubles as the JEEMA symbol that belongs to Sarah Babirye,” Kyamundu said.

Kyamundu said as the architects of People Power Movement, they (JEEMA leaders) know much more than wannabe DPs like Bigirwa who he said are just trying to use Bobi Wine for quick material gains.

“I will tell you we have actually rebranded Bobi and you can take it from me there are guys you will never see near him again in public. We realized some of them were just here to take photos and use them to confuse people like Walukamba that I’m close to Bobi; I’m the one he consults on these things.’ That’s why a decision was taken to rebrand everything and there is a lot you will see and notice about Bobi in the coming days for you to understand the rebranding I’m talking about,” he said.

He added; “I have seen my brother [Bigirwa] talking about the meeting of the big people in People Power which took place at Centenary Park. I’m surprised he twists facts; how can he say that was a meeting to discuss Walukamba candidature in Bugweri? It was a meeting to discuss Arua and that’s where we decided to back Wadri as People Power and the JEEMA candidate was withdrawn. This is what happened; Bigirwa strategically came with Walukamba to Centenary Park and they took photos with Bobi. These are the photos they used to say People Power and Bobi have endorsed Walukamba for Bugweri which is totally untrue. Originally Bigirwa had duped many people in People Power about Walukamba including his fellow DPs like Sam Lubega Mukaku. He even wanted to get the DP ticket for that lady but the SG Siranda of DP refused saying to get the DP ticket you must have been in the party for 5 years and they refused to dilute their flag as DP. Siranda maintains that they can’t dilute DP norms because of excitement of somebody who says I have left NRM…But later on my boss Asuman Basalirwa spoke to those DP people the Mukakus and others. He told them ‘look guys you can’t decide Bugweri without involving me because it’s a neighbor of Bugiri.’ The Mukakus had been there and they explained they had gone to Bugiri to assess the ground and they were sorry Bigirwa misled them. I can tell you Bigirwa is now stuck and Walukamba is his personal candidate and not even for DP. He is alone in this and the day Walukamba demands for answers, Bigirwa will face it alone.” Kyamundu added.

He revealed that Asuman Basalirwa and Bobi Wine always sit and draw plans for People Power Movement

“She isn’t taking this because she is JEEMA just. No. It’s because that’s the understanding between us the architects of People Power and Hon Bobi Wine. We are trying to market and popularize the same position to colleagues in other partner parties.” He advised that Walukamba should be careful because “even the leaders of the main stream DP don’t understand Bigirwa; today he is with Sejusa and tomorrow jumps on Kirumira. Such a person can’t be trusted to represent the DP position when even his SG Dr. Siranda doesn’t understand him that much.” He advised

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