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Shameless Judith Babirye deployed new tactics to win back her husband

Bwikwe District Women representative Judith Babirye has resorted to expressing her frustration on social media for consolation after being ditched by her husband fellow MP Hon. Paul Musoke Ssebulime.

Honorable Judith Babirye and
Paul Musoke Ssebulime held a lavish wedding early 2018 but their love didn’t last and their marriage was said to be hitting hard rocks.

This forced the legislator to free the country on allegations that her husband was having a flock of women she couldn’t handle while other sources privy to this matter say she went to the US to deliver her kid and is said to be Seven months pregnant.

However, her husband made a back switch and got re-introduced by his former wife whom he has 3 children together with twins in August this year. Judith Babirye seemed to have moved on and released a song titled Buli Uzziah Affe which rose mixed reactions about whom she was sending the message to.

The legislator is seen posting prayers on social media may be to reclaim her lost glory and have her husband back whom she got from a work relationship.

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