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Shame: Museveni blasted after misfiring speech in Zimbabwe

by James Ateenyi

Have sanctions brought us to where we are as a nation or it is a scapegoat by the Zanu-PF led government?

The economy started a spiral down long before ZIDERA came into effect. When war vets, like soldiers of fortune, demanded gratuities that would bring the Zim dollar crashing sanctions were not in place. A myriad of things have brought Zimbabwe to this present day situation chief among this being corruption by Zanu-PF from the former President to the lower level Zanu-PF structures.

Museveni cannot be the right person to speak on behalf of suffering Zimbabweans. The least he can do is tell the Zimbabwean leader that Zimbabwe has become worse since he took over. As it is we are comparing two devils, Munangangwa and Mugabe, people’s sentiments to say Mugabe was better shows Munangangwa is clueless but just accumulating his flying hours as he moves from one country to the other on useless jaunts.

Munangangwa prefers to suppress dissenting voices by using the army on innocent civilians yet says to the international world Zimbabwe is on a democratic trajectory.

No sanctions have brought this mess. Zanu-PF has brought us into this situation which they have no clue how to fix the economy. The only thing they are good at is coming with different forms of versions for praising the dictator. “ED-PFee” while the country is burning shows Zanu-PF and it’s supporters are detached from reality.

Tell Zanu-PF to fix what brought the so called sanctions than just come to be a rubble rouser Mr Museveni. Sanctions are there for a reason and Zanu-PF knows that clearly.

Zanu-PF survives by stealing natural resources as well as from the poor. Just recently it was 39 years to mark independence, honestly speaking, is there independence to talk of?If it meant removing white leadership then yes, but not for ordinary folks who are now barely surviving.

No own currency and we say we are a proud nation?

Zanu-PF mastered to bring people back to the ancient way of life, cooking on fire in urban set ups in this present day. The youths have been turned into zombies drinking whatever can diminish their minds because there are no jobs.

Protests in Sudan is a big lesson for Zimbabweans. The best way like in Sudan is to be peaceful and not give the bloodthirsty regime chance to fire on people. If infiltrators who engage in violence, so the army can come in, should be identified the regime would find it hard to fire at people with the world watching.

Source – AT Kadada

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