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Shame as senior Minister is directed to ease herself behind rock

by Odongo Christopher

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development, Janat Mukwaya has revealed that she was recently directed to answer nature’s call at a spot behind a rock, a few meters from Mukongoro market, in Kumi District.

The minister experienced the shock of her life after making an abrupt visit to the market only to discover that people rented offices that do not have toilet or latrine facilities.

According to the reports by state owned New Vision, upon demanding to see the market Pit latrines, Ms Mukwaya discovered that most latrines had been closed, while others were too dirty and had cracks.

“I started coming to Teso in the early 1980s, but toilet and pit latrine coverage has remained low. How do you construct businesses and houses without pit latrines? Where do you expect the tenant to go?” Ms Mukwaya questioned.

She noted that poor sanitation practices, such as open defecation and indiscrimainate disposal of waste, negatively impact the well being of people and the economy.

“Lack of toilets is a big challenge, but it can be solved easily. It is clear that public facilities can afford to have enough toilets for their tenants, because they pay for the services,” she added.

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