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Shame as police loots opposition properties during demonstration

Police has been accused by Forum of Democratic Change of of stealing Dr Kizza Besigye mobile phone in Jinja on Saturday after.

Police on Saturday stormed Kiira FM radio station in Jinja, grabbed and switched of the microphone before ordering everyone to vacate the studio.

The phone grabbed from Ronald Muhinda who was streaming live the Kiira FM talk show using Dr Besigye official face book page.

Other communication gadgets and Ronald Muhinda ‘s personal phones were also taken by police before they brutalized and arrested him.

Forum for Democratic Change Secretary for Mobilization Ingrid Turinawe said they would consider taking legal against some of the errant officers for brutalizing and blocking their rallies.

“We are a legally registered political party that is mandated to recruit and mobilise. We are fully determined to defeat the junta’s efforts to deny us our freedoms and rights to reach out to the population, to assemble and associate,” Turinawe said.

He added: “We have a full packed country wide mobilisation program of which police is well informed about. We officially wrote and attached copies of our COUNTRYWIDE program. Police has disrupted all our activities illegally and brutally. They have caused us financial loses and great damages, and I am sure they will soon pay for all the loss. We are compiling and archiving everything. Be aware some of these officers will be held responsible in their individual capacities.”

She however, stated that FDC will continues with its program despite police high handedness.

“We are not about to relent we have taken a decision to fight on. We are safely back from Jinja. It was a whole day of serious battles with police and Military. We have returned with wounds and injuries but with renewed resolve. The resilience of our supporters renews our vows and commitment to the liberation struggle,” she revealed.

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