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Shame as Musician Bebe Cool chased with stones

by James Ateenyi

Uganda’s legendary artiste, Moses Ssali commonly known as Bebe Cool, was totally bullied by angry Boda boda riders from Kawempe. Before the incident, he had organized a meeting to unite the boda boda riders about the President’s youth campaign.

By the time he appeared in Kawempe, the “Want it“ singer, wanted to divert their minds from engaging into politics, which he referred to as being unhealthy to them.

However, the meeting flopped totally because revelers never turned up the way he expected, which was a disgrace to him.

Surprisingly, among the few people that turned up, they were linked to another angry group of local Boda boda operators from Kawempe, who described Bebe as being immature and disrespectful.

During the dark hours of exchanging chaotic blows, the two Boda boda men started beating each other and throwing stones, which unfortunately forced the security operatives to take over and resolve the situation immediately.

Therefore, since Bebe Cool already tested the bitter test of plastic bottles on his body before, this time around, he just stood aside and cried for his way out.

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