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Shame as MPs, Museveni got stuck on muddy road for six hours

by James Ateenyi

Members of Parliament who were on a field trip to Buliisa district have been stuck in the wild for more than six hours after their bus was trapped on their way from Kasenyi.

“Even the big trucks they brought to pull it out got stuck as well” one of the MPs told us.

The legislators had to push their vehicle out of the mud with the help of residents but registered no success.

The bad roads hurt traders mostly as transport trucks ferrying tea, matooke, and timber always get stuck especially during wet weather conditions. Alex Muhangi, a truck driver says the roads have worsened because of the torrential rains that have been pounding the district since July.

He says the most affected are dealers of fresh agricultural produce like tea, cabbages and tomatoes. Mable Kirabo, a vegetable dealer from Buhweju district says besides escalating transport cost, the poor state of roads affects the timely supply of their produce to the market.

This is not the first time for government officials to get stucked. In November 2011, President Museveni’s convoy also got stuck in the same district on the same road in Rugongo village in Karungu sub-county, after the roads became extremely muddy, slippery and impassable following a heavy downpour, forcing him to trek more than four kilometres in the mud, and his bodyguards to carry his mobile toilet.

Museveni had travelled to commission Tumu hospital in Karungu and had flown to Buhweju by helicopter and landed at Karungu Central Primary School, from where he was to drive for over five kilometres to the hospital.

However, the vehicles were only able to cover one kilometre before they got completely stuck in the mud. He alighted from his car and decided to walk the rest of the journey.

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