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Semujju exposes how NRM moles have infiltrated People’s Power Movement

by James Ateenyi

Forum for Democratic Change spokesperson Semujju Nganda urged all change seeking forces to unite and capitalise on the momentum built by Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

The opposition Chief Whip however, said some opportunistic groups within the People Power Movement are trying hold the vocal legislator hostage by trying to lay siege around him.

He gave an example of People Democratic Party boss Dr Abed Bwanika whom he says until recently he didn’t know he was in opposition, as one of those opportunistic trying to monopolize hon Bobi Wine.

Semujju listed the decision by Bwanika to defend president Museveni’s 2006 election win in court when the opposition strong man Dr Kizza Besigye challenged his victory, left him wondering if indeed the Pastor Abed Bwanika belongs to opposition and is committed to struggle against Museveni rule.

He added that Bwanika has made himself the vision bearer for the People Power Movement. Semujju Nganda says the worst the change-seeking forces can do to alienate Bobi Wine is to market him as an alternative to Besigye and other more experienced leaders that have resisted Museveni longer.

Semujju advised the vocal legislator Bobi Wine, whom he praises as courageous, charismatic & energetic should be marketed as an addition (and not an alternative) to what the Besigyes have been doing for all these years “so that you don’t alienate people who have been in the struggle” longest as well as their respective supporters.

Semujju stated the apparent competition between Dr Kizza Besigye and hon Bobi Wine is deliberately being fermented by fortune-hunters and jobseekers who blame their previous political failures on one man Besigye rather than themselves.

He added the biggest problem facing the joint opposition presidential candidate are such people who are try to take advantage to fight for member of parliament and local Council positions.

He says in most cases such confusion, failing consensus at the presidential level, has always been fermented by guys selfishly seeking MP positions. Mr. Nganda expressed his views in his highly controversial Observer column for this week

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