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Sejusa, UPDF Generals, and Kayihura in a secret meeting over M7 conducts

by James Ateenyi

Former Coordinator of Military Intelligence General David Tinyefunza also known Sejusa is planning the next move after the army reportedly denied him retirement from the service.

General Sejusa was set to retire in July along with other soldiers but it has emerged that this would not happen because the army is reluctant to let him go.

The decision to retain the army officer has generated several debates within military camps with sections of the army including the Senior presidential adviser on Buganda affairs General Kasirye Ggwanga calling on President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to respect General Sejusa wish to retire.

Sources close to the general told us that Tinyefunza is not happy about the decision to retain him in the army despite his interest to quit.

In 1990s, Sejusa fell out with president Museveni and applied for retirement. His application was rejected prompting the disgruntled army commander to go to court.

Despite winning the court battle at Constitutional Court, the decision was reversed by the Supreme Court forcing Sejusa to remain in the army for another decades.

A source who preferred not to be named told this website that, Sejusa is planning to meet several disgruntled high ranking military including General Kale Kayihura to forge away forward.

“Kayihura is top of the lists of the army officers whom he (Sejusa) want to meet,” the source said adding that, Sejusa plans to meet at least six disgruntled members of military high command.

“The meeting will basically focus on the way forward,” the source emphasized adding that additional information will be shared after the meeting.

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