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Sejusa reveals the shocking details about gunmen behind brutal city arrest

Former Coordinator of Military Intelligence and former army member of parliament General David Sejusa formerly known as Tinyefunza has said the men who were captured on camera torturing and kidnapping a person last week might be a militia group working with state security forces and can’t be officers of Uganda People’s Defence Forces.

Sejusa made the statement via his official social media account Twitter where he interacted with several of his followers after a video recording reveals security operatives manhandling a man with three plain-clothed men rough up Yusuf Kawooya amidst please from the victim to stop the beating, but his pleas fell on death ears and were later whisked off to an unknown location.

The incident caused public uproar among the netizens and the four star general asked the government to ensure that the exact criminals are brought to book.

“Hope Museveni’s cameras can show the faces of those “armed men”! When atrocities are state inspired, how will cameras be of use?” Sejusa asserted.
Sejusa condemned the barbaric acts terming the people as who executed the arrests as heartless adding that though the scenario seems no longer news in Uganda.

“Most distressing thou is surrender of the population. I highly doubt they are regular UPDF soldiers! Perhaps some auxiliary force hired to commit crime? It is standard practice when charging UPDF personnel, names, unit& service numbers are read out. I didn’t hear these! Can these bandits be under regular command? How?” Sejusa asked rhetorically.

The General also went on to caution Kawooya’s lawyers to task the UPDF with more questions arguing, “Lawyers should ask for their full-service record. It’s one thing managing an indisciplined army but it’s quite another thing dealing with an illegal militia force bearing arms with no designated structure of command/control! Those can’t be trained Soldiers!,” Sejusa said.

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