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Security tightlippeUPDF top General survive assassination

by Odongo Christopher
Lt General Charles Otema Awany

UPDF senior solider Lt Gen Charles Otema has survived an assassination attempt on his life at his fram in Nwoya district info256 Reports.

Reports on our Desk indicate the attackers were armed with pangas , bows and arrows ,all local fighting items.

According to UPDF mouthpiece Afande Gen Richard Karemire confirmed the news of the attackers on their General.

The attackers came from River Nile , Said Brig Gen Karemire, four were killed as others survived with injuries and no UPDF soldiers were injured

However, local residents told us that the information that some people wanted to attack General Otema is not true but instead soldiers shot innocent people

According to the  Obiru West Village local council chairman in Nwoya District, Mr Collins Okethwengu, the soldiers attacked residents on Thursday accusing them of illegally occupying the disputed land.

The dispute pits Lt Gen Otema Awany against dozens of residents who have lived on the land for decades.

“They [soldiers] who were dressed in army uniform beat people up and ordered them to leave the land. The people mobilised to fight the soldiers who ended up shooting four people dead and injuring several others,” he said.

The five injured people are admitted at Pakwach Health Center IV.
Mr Okethwengu said that more than 20 houses were burnt by the soldiers.

“I heard about the incident but it is not clear whether the UPDF soldiers were involved,” said Mr Swaib Toko, Pakwach Resident District Commissioner.

Pakwach District borders Nwoya District where the incident occurred.

Pakwach District chairman Mr Steen Omito, said: “I counted dead bodies of our people shot in Obira village at Palango by UPDF soldiers who were guarding Otema’s farm. Several others are feared dead since the killers denied us to access to search the bushes.”

According to Dr John Bosco Oryema, who works at Pakwach Health Centre IV, five victims who sustained injuries and fractures are receiving treatment at the health centre.

“We received the injured victims but no dead bodies were brought here,” Dr Oryema said.

The Spokesman of the UPDF 4th Division, Maj Ceaser Olweny, said residents who were armed with bows and arrows attacked the detach where the soldiers were stationed. 

“The UPDF [soldiers] retaliated by shooting four people dead. The evidence of their bows and arrows are still there at the scene but we are gathering more information about this,” he said.

This website has established that, at the time of attack, General Otema was in Kampala

Police which is charged with the investigation of the matter has remained silent on matter

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