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Security operatives in panics as international spies found in Uganda

by James Ateenyi

Police in Kisoro district in South Western Uganda has on Monday arrested two tourists and also downed a self-manned aircraft in Mgahinga National Game Park.

Police identified the two tourist as Australia couples who visited Mgahinga National Park and carried out gorilla tracking using the equipment which was a not allowed by the authorities in the protected areas.

Police in a statement says that the two were earlier cautioned against their plan of flying a spy drone especially around the projected park area unless with clear authorizations from Uganda Wildlife Authority top officials.

It’s said that UWA officials then reported to police and the duo were arrested and questioned immediately.

They couple were identified as Seebeck Michael Laurence, 52 years and Van Benen Naam Fleur, 38 years.

Police said the seized drone is of MAVIC2 make with Serial Number 163DFBG 001537X.

After the intervention of the security agencies in the district, the two were allowed to go to their residences and are set to report back the next day.

The Drone was retained at police pending more clearance vide Kisoro SD 39/22/4/2019.

Police source who preferred not to be named told us that the duo were arrested on fear of spying on the government using the drone.

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