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Security minister General Tumwine reveals the real reason for blocking Bobi Wine music concert

by Odongo Christopher

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has said Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu popularly known Bobi Wine will not sing again until there is no single drop of defiance left in him.

He asserted that Bobi Wine is following in Besigye’s ‘rebellious footsteps’: “He needs to calm down and separate politics from music.”

General Tumwine who is also member UPDF High Comand stressed that Bobi Wine will continue having his shows blocked as long as he continues with his ‘defiance’ attitude.

Tumwine revelations is in contrast with police statements who had always insisted that Bobi Wine concert was blocked because failure on his part to meet the requirements set by authorities.

Gen Tumwine says Bobi Wine has not been listening to security on matters of venue, estimation of crowd, and all the other requirements of the Public Order Management Act.

Tumwine, a seasoned photographer and artist himself, added that Bobi Wine is following the stance of opposition doyen and former Forum for Democratic Change president Kiiza Besigye of opposing everything, being defiant and also failing government programs.

Tumwine added that by blocking his concerts, security is simply responding to how Bobi Wine has been behaving, adding that anybody who wants to frustrate others will also be frustrated. He says Bobi Wine’s only way is to follow everything security wants to the dot if he wants to continue performing.

“If Bobi Wine follows what he’s told by security, there will be no problem. I advised him right from the beginning and I am willing to advise him every other time…”He needs to calm down and separate his political stance of defiance from his artistic stance. You know artists are objective, we think for everybody. But once you now start taking a sectarian line which is confrontational to others, then you meet the necessary resistance.” said Tumwine.

Tumwine further stated that Bobi Wine’s challenge now is to find a balance between his music and politics, saying the musician and a legislator have different roles adding that Bobi Wine should not use his talent against the law, as security has a duty to protect all.

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