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Security forces foils Bobi Wine, Besigye and Abenakyo secret meeting

by Odongo Christopher

Police has blocked Uganda opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye from hosting Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo at his country home in Rwakabengo it has emerged.

It all started after police got information that the former presidential candidate was set to host Abenakyo and would welcome the New Year from Rwakabengo.

This forced the police to led by Rukungiri District Police Commander to raid the home in order to dwarf any attempt by the former FDC president to host the beauty pageant.

Meanwhile, in Kampala, sources told info256 that a team led by operations commander stormed Bobi Wine’s home in Magere and ordered the family not to have their New Year’s feast with any guests. A perplexed Barbie was told to bring down the mound of matooke she had heaped in a giant saucepan.

“We have intel that MP Kyagulanyi incited Bobi Wine to invite Miss Uganda Abenakyo for a meal here. He didn’t write to IGP seeking clearance to hold a food rally with Abenakyo’s family.” Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said with the seriousness of an infection.

Kayima later said that Besigye and Bobi Wine were planning to politicised Miss Uganda” and that they had targeted Miss World Africa to milk her popularity.

“Miss Uganda cannot be mixed with politics. The pageant organisers complained to us that some self-seeking politicians were looking to have Abenakyo grace their presence for politicking purposes,” Kayima said.

When asked why the police did not block the president from hosting Quiin Abenakyo Abenakyo and her family, Kayima said he was not aware of any meeting with the head of state.

“There’s nothing to even compare here,” Beti Kamya taking from Kayima. The Minister for Kampala, explained that, at State House, Miss Abenakyo came to present her achievement having represented the country well on the world stage.

In Rwakitura, she went to show her obedience having listened to the wise counsel and abandoned the ‘Indian hair.’

“The president is a wise fountain who sees far and beyond. If he told me to stop perming this hair [pointing to her head], to stop drawing these eyebrows [twitching the shadow-like eyebrows], I will do it,” she said, sending the room into hysterical laughter.

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