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Secrets you didn’t know about Barugahara Balaam

by James Ateenyi

Event organizer Barugahara Balaam Ateenyi said he has 3 T-shirts of the same colour,he buys those T-shirts in Owino Market at a price of 7000, Two Kaki trousers at a price of 8000 each and 3 Pairs of Shoes at home.

Meanwhile he employs between 800 to 900 Employees ranging from TV and Radio,Marketeers and Distributors,Construction workers,Event Managers,Drivers,Decorators,and many others

He works from 5am to 1Pm, He has Businesses worth Billions of Money,He was asked on why he has 3 T-shirts yet he is a such a wealthy man and he said he is spending that money to look after orphans and the needy

He said that he has built homes for orphans,he is a very down to earths man,he mingles with all people in all walks of life,he eats Posho and beans with his workers at many of his sites, he doesn’t hate anyone even those who abuse him.

He loves Museveni,but respects Dr BESIGYE,Norbert Mao,Muntu and BOBIWINE,he said he will support BOBIWINE as President in 2040 not now.

He has a network of Businesses in JUBA ranging from Radio,TV and distribution,his main target before he retires or dies is to Build an all art ARENA that will host events with everything inside.

He was a very poor man who grew up in miserable life,he has worked his way out to the top,he proved he is a hard worker but very respectful. Sadly he lost his only Child to Cancer at an early age of 3yrs. Sad

Finally he is a Munyoro from Masindi who loves his kingdom and Culture,he has donated millions to his kingdom and promise to do more.

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