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Rwandan General placed in tight corner in Uganda over Uganda investment

by James Ateenyi

General Fred Ibingira, Rwanda’s long serving Commander of Reserve Forces is likely to lose his investments in Uganda which includes fuel station which has been under construction on Mbarara highway slightly after Lyantonde District.

The construction of petrol station was started in January this year and was supervised by Gen. Ibingira’s contact in Uganda who has only been identified as Gakuba.

The land deal was negotiated with a family of deputy Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Gervas Mugenyi.

Gakuba bought the land at undisclosed amount and immediately kicked off construction.

However, Gen. Mugenyi clandestinely launched investigations to establish who the rightful owner of the project.

According to family source, Mugenyi learnt of the land that had been bought by Ibingira. He ordered the construction be put on halt and the structure demolished.

Ibingira a loyalist of President Paul Kagame was relieved of his duties last November having been promoted to the rank of General in January same year.

In March, he was placed under house arrest with several other army officers in Kigali.

His arrest came after Rwanda closed its border with Uganda on accusations of hosting rebels who seek to oust Kagame.

Ibingira’s henchman, Gakuba has threatened to drag Gen. Mugenyi and family to Mbarara Court seeking orders to continue building the fuel station.

Gakuba runs Ibingira’s chain of businesses and property in Kagitumba border and Kayonza District.

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