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Rwandan Church pinned Museveni over another serious crimes

by James Ateenyi

CMI Chief Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho , mastermind of abductions of innocent Rwandans, to be tortured as a Museveni regime, and RNC policy. “Nyamwasa’s people seem to be in charge of the torture and interrogation of Rwandans at CMI headquarters,” victims say.

Two leaders of the ADEPR church in Uganda, Hakizimana Bright and Nsabimana Moses both nationals of Rwanda were last Sunday abducted by agents of Uganda’s notorious Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI. Their whereabouts are unknown, though worried church members suspect they could be in the torture dungeons of Mbuya Barracks, the headquarters of CMI.

According to ADEPR (French acronym for Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda) leaders in Kigali, problems started for the two members of the church in Kibuye in the Ugandan capital of Kampala when they were preparing for Sunday service. “The news we got was that only a few moments after Bright arrived at the church, a policeman too arrived,” says Pastor Karangwa John, Deputy Spokesman of the ADEPR church at its headquarters in Kigali.

Pastor Karangwa says that the policeman told Pastor Hakizimana Bright – verbally, with no written summons that he was required at the Kibuye Police Station. So Hakizimana, who is on the leadership committee of the Kampala “Region” (as they call it in their pastoral terminology), requested Nsabimana Moses the church deacon to accompany him. They rode in the car of a Christian that had just arrived for the church service, who then offered them a lift.

When they arrived, Hakizimana told their lift provider to go back to church, not wanting to inconvenience him. In a few moments they were shocked to see policemen emerge from inside a crummy little office, telling them to hold out their hands, and fastening handcuffs on them. They weren’t told what it was they were supposed to have done. They were not read any charges.

“There was nothing like a legal procedure!” Pastor Karangwa says they learnt these details from Christians that became very worried when hours passed and they didn’t see their pastors, and then went to the station to inquire.

After persistent inquiries by the worried Christians, one policeman finally said: “It is CMI that ordered us to call Pastor Bright; and it is CMI whom you should be asking!” Hakizimana Bright is a pastor, and also a member of the committee running the ADEPR Kampala Region. Nsabimana is a deacon, in charge of church administrative work. “Our only work in Uganda, or in any other country is missionary work, nothing else!” says Pastor Karangwa. “We are looking only for souls to save; to turn to Christ. We don’t know what CMI is looking for amongst us!”

Pastor Karangwa disclosed that there have been problems for church members for the past several months in Uganda. The incident on Sunday is not the first time CMI has abducted members of ADEPR in Uganda. In March this year the leader of the region, Pastor Ntakirutimana Theoneste was arrested in similar manner by the agency’s operatives and taken away, together with another Christian, Cyusa Jean Paul.

What happened to Ntakirutimana is that he was summoned by the police, early in March and told, “to go bring all the church registration documents!” That was at the same station, Kibuye. When he brought the documents they ordered him to go to Katwe Police Station. When Ntakirutimana arrived at the Katwe station – in one of the noisiest, most crowded parts of Kampala – they took the documents from him. They then went “into a sort of meeting”, and after about thirty minutes, they came out. One of them abruptly proceeded to put handcuffs on Pastor Ntakirutimana!

Then, as he tells it, “a numberless car with tinted glasses drove up and they bundled me inside.

They slapped a hood over my head and drove away, to CMI headquarters.” Readers of the stories of abducted Rwandans lucky enough to leave CMI’s dungeons alive are familiar with this bandit-like treatment of those they arrest. Pastor Ntakirutimana, who has just been released from two months of torture hell is convinced they arrested him just because he is a Rwandan.

He says he has left more than one hundred Rwandans suffering torture at the hands of sadistic operatives.

Ntakirutimana says when they abducted him; they accused him being “a spy of Rwanda”. The churchman says he was shocked by such “strange accusations”. Pastor John in an interview with this news website said it seems there is someone in Uganda determined to bring down ADEPR. He remarked: “Everyone has learnt that these days the easiest way to get a Rwandan into trouble is to allege to CMI that such and such a Rwandan is a spy! That is what they are doing to our pastoral leaders!”

Pastor Ntakirutimana says that in his view CMI is so dangerous to Rwandans because it is as if (Kayumba Nyamwasa’s) RNC is the one running “the torture policy targeting Rwandans!” He says when they were torturing him, some of the men spoke fluent Kinyarwanda.

“It was Kinyarwanda that only a Rwandan can speak,” he asserts. While beating him, he says, they would ask: “What kind of work do you do for the government of Rwanda? “Whom do you report to in Kigali? “How do you work with other Rwandan institutions?” and similar questions all of which he replied he had no idea what they were talking about. Pastor John is very worried about the torture Hakizimana and Nsabimana must be undergoing now. “We pray to God that they will be safe!”


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