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Rwanda writes to Museveni, gives him three days ultimatum

by Odongo Christopher

Rwanda’s High Commissioner in Uganda, Frank Mugambage on Thursday termed as ridiculous the reported arrest of more than 40 Rwandans in Kampala in an operation mounted by the country’s military intelligence operatives.

Ugandan newspapers on Wednesday reported that the Rwandans were seized from a church in the Kibuye area within the city of Kampala in a security swoop by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), with support from Uganda Police.

Several Rwanda nationals have in recent months been arrested in Uganda on allegations of illegal entry.

Many of these have after spending months in different detention facilities been deported to Rwanda with majority of them claiming they underwent torture at the hands of Ugandan security operatives.

On the latest incident, Mugambage said, that a note verbale was on Thursday morning set to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala inquiring about the arrested Rwandans and their identities.

“We have written and raised the matter with officials here [Kampala] of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that they can intervene and tell us what is going on. We are still following up.”

We want them to tell us what the whole thing is all about because it is ridiculous that a whole church can be arrested and it is said that they are spies.”

The envoy explained that ever since they got wind of the matter, his office had been also trying to follow up and at least obtain names of the people arrested “but we haven’t been able.”

He said that there have been many arbitrary arrests and this is a continuation of what has been happening.

He now gives Uganda three days to explain herself over unending arrests and mistreatment of its nationals.

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