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Rwanda place a price tag on blogger Titus Seruga’s head

by James Ateenyi

Famous blogger Titus Seruga has claimed he is being searched for by Rwandan operatives in Brussels, Belgium.

We understand according to sources, that the famous blogger Seruga has for long been on the run from both Uganda and Rwandan governments for allegedly leaking classified top secrets.

Last year the Uganda’s Director General of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Col Kaka Bagyenda said that Seruga who is also wanted to answer charges related to abating terrorism is wanted in Uganda to answer charges of stealing Government Top secrets that he has been publishing on his Facebook wall ‘Titus Seruga’.

Mr. Kaka said that the information had created confusion and he is considered a high threat to the security of the country.

Now Seruga alleges that Rwandan authorities have sanctioned a directive to have his life ended.

“Pirato, [whom he later referred to as President Kagame] is moving all around Brussels, he has placed all his boys around Brussels searching for a guy whose eyes see very far,” the blogger alleged.

He also claims that he was also informed by Belgian intelligence to be very vigilant that a move against his life was activated and well facilitated by the Rwandan President.

“Am fasting, no more squirt, but how will I survive banange,” the blogger cried out accusing Mr. Kagame of being a human rights abuser indeed.

He has promised that he will shortly be posting a list of what he claims to be Kagame victims on both Uganda and Rwandan soil.

“Let me give him sleepless nights in his hotel room,” vowed the blogger.

Seruga and TVO are thorns that have penetrated the flesh of security forces in Rwanda and Uganda to the extent of hurting the bone marrow.

The bloggers have troubled security forces from both countries, despite the invested resources in unmasking the faces behind the people who keep leaking top exclusives to the public through their Facebook pages.

In social media battles between bloggers last years, the faceless Tom Voltaire Okwalinga claimed that Titus Seruga is a Rwandan agent within Ugandan security and that he was battling immigration-related issues in Belgium.

TVO claimed that the blogger using the identity of Titus Seruga was a fake and that the real person behind him was a Rwandan operative, spying on External Security Organisation (ESO) Uganda.

He claimed that Titus Seruga’s first asylum request was based on claims that he was afraid to live in Uganda because he was a Rwandan refugee and that former IGP Kale Kayihura was kidnapping Rwandan refugees in Uganda and forcibly deporting them.

Kayihura, his [Titus Seruga’s] asylum request was rejected and his identity questioned. He was detained,” TVO wrote on Facebook, adding that the rival blogger was continuing to push for asylum under a different excuse now.

TVO also alleged that Titus Seruga had worked with Internal Security Organisation agents to extort $50,000 from Simpson Birungi during the time the Movit boss was detained on murder charges.

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