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Rwanda break silence on its soldiers crossing into Uganda territory

by James Ateenyi

Report emerged that some Rwanda soldiers are illegally crossing into Uganda despite the current boarder closure and Rwanda barring its citizens from going to Uganda.

A Ugandan website on Thursday published an article entitled “EXCLUSIVE: Tension Flares as Rwandan Soldiers Cross into Uganda”, in which it stated that, Several Rwandan soldiers enter Ugandan territory in search of basic needs such as drinks, food, cigarettes among others.

The website further explained that ; “…after taking their drinks, they walk back to Rwanda”. Referring to RDF Soldiers, however, the Rwandan government through its state owned Newspaper The New Times has come out to dismiss the claim terming a lie and propaganda by Kampala.

“Really? Rwandan soldiers, wearing military uniform and carrying guns and ammunition would go all the way to Kisoro inside Uganda? This is cheap propaganda ” A statement from the pro-Kagame newspaper read.

“One wonders what is on the other side of the border that cannot be found in Rwanda that would entice Rwandan soldiers to enter Uganda in utter violation of immigration rules.” the newspaper adds.

The newspaper further stressed that, RDF is a disciplined forces who cannot cross into a neighbouring country such as Uganda in search for food, drinks.

“Claims that RDF soldiers were sighted in Kisoro are unfounded and are only aimed at selling a narrative to Ugandans that their territory is being infiltrated by Rwandan soldiers.” the article’s author retaliates.

It is important to note that, Rwanda heavily depends on Uganda for many of its goods and services and since the boarder between the two countries was closed, shortage of basic needs such as soap, salts, sugar among others have significantly increased in Rwanda hence increase in price.

Rwandans who live just across the border buy basic food like potatoes, tomatoes and fruits at the closed Cyanika border post.

Now, they have to sneak across using illegal pathways or by creating new shortcuts to bypass Rwandan security officials, for fear of arrest.

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