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Rugunda, Ssekandi fired as Bebe, Balam eat big in leaked new cabinet list

by James Ateenyi

After securing victory in recent Supreme Court ruling, the president has embarked on the next move that will see him put up strong team as the country heads to the next general election.

It for that reason, a source close to president told us that the president will be restructuring his cabinet anytime from now.

. “He will be looking for mobilizers; people who can deliver the vote and not necessarily your usual scripted politicians. It won’t be a thing of the politically most sophisticated but vote-winners,” says a source close to the President.

“He has since the Supreme Court judgment been in very high spirits and has confided in some people his unhappiness with the current cabinet. He keeps saying ‘bano bebafu nyo [these are sleepy ministers]’ and openly calls them sleeping giants. Don’t be surprised if 95% of the current cabinet ministers aren’t retained. It’s going to be total overhaul and not even [Prime Minister] Rugunda or [VP] Sekandi can with certainty tell his fate,” the source added.

The president had prior to the Supreme Court ruling had drafted a new cabinet list but this was abandoned following the oppositions especially Besigye and Bobi Wine who have been giving security sleepless night for the last couples of days.

“There is a significant number of MPs on the newly reconstructed list [which is work in progress mostly having in mind those who fought hard to overcome the Togikwatako storm] but there are also many guys who aren’t even necessarily in politics in the strict sense of the word but are being considered because they have been consistent fighters in defending Mzee,” the State house source stressed.

The source further told us that some people like Bebe Cool, Robert Kabushenga, Barugahara Balam are some of the new kids on block who have caught presidents attentions.
“Mzee realizes the need to act urgently because apparently there is too much anxiety for the incumbent Ministers to effectively carry on with their duties and he believes this is hurting decision-making in Ministries and ultimately service delivery,” says a well informed source close to the President.

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