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Ronaldo leaves £17,850 tip at Greek hotel

by James Ateenyi

Christiano Ronaldo has left workers scratching their head at the Greek Luxury hotel he stayed in after leaving a tip of £17,850.

Ronaldo had been on holiday in the Mediterranean with his family following the Portugal exit from the world cup at hand of the Uruguay.

He posted picture on Instagram of himself soaking up the sun with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and his son, along with snaps of sitting out with friends for dinner.

He left Italy in order to complete his £100 million move to Series A giant Juventus, but according to The Sun, not before making incredible gesture.

Ronaldo was reportedly so impressed by the service he received that he could not leave without giving something back.

The 33 years old asked the five figure sum be shared among all the staff in the resort. Since leaving Greece, Ronaldo is now preparing for new life in Italy following his move to Juventus.

Speaking at his press conference, the five time Balloon D’Or winner said: I am here because I want challenge. Players around my age are going to other countries like China. For this season I am so grateful for the option that Juventus gave me. I will try and show I am a top player. I will work hard you all know my statistics. I am ambitious

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