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Revolutionary singer and people power VP survives assassination

by James Ateenyi

This website has landed on some shocking information which has left several people Luo land speechless.

It has come to our notice that Luo veteran Singer/ People Power Vice President Lucky Bosmic Otim is indeed after several attempt to silence him failed.

Sources indicate that Bosmic this week on Wednesday night survived death narrowly from the hands of unknown assassins.

The Kitgum based musician says the unknown assassins had plots to take him back to the Creator alongside some of his crew members he was travelling with.

He made this allegation during his birthday party celebration at Da Link Garden over the week.

While giving speeches at his party, Bosmic made the shocking news known to many.

“Our van was shot by rubber bullets or stoned with stone which was going to leave most of us in the van injured or dead, good enough the van I used for going to Kitgum, I didn’t use it for coming back to Gulu. otherwise, you were going to hear that we are dead or seriously injured.” Said Bosmic Otim.

We are yet to know exactly how it happened but the musician has of late released several revolutionary songs.

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