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Revealed: What Besigye told Muntu before quitting the FDC party

by James Ateenyi

The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party former president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, has revealed that the former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye had tried convinced him from leaving the party before the party.

Muntu said the four time presidential candidate had wanted them to have talks with party elders follower he could announce his decision to quit the main opposition party.

Besigye had earlier said he was suprised at the decision of Muntu to quit because he sought for dialogue rather than split.

Asked by NTV Patrick Kamara whether Gen Muntu’s decision surprised him, Dr Besigye said: “Well to some extent yes because I had just chatted with him a day before [announcing departure] indicating that there was need to talk amongst the founders of our party, which he enthusiastically embraced. So I was rather surprised to that extent.”

The former army commander said he had been invited by Besigye for talks but said it would be futile because he had already made his decision to quit the party.

“Dr Besigye actually sent me a message that we should meet with the elders and I said I am okay with that. I proposed that if he can fix for Wednesday [September 26] or any other day after that [it would be okay]. If he wants to call for a meeting of elders I will be there. I do not see any contradictions,” Gen Muntu said.

Speaking on the departure with FDC, Muntu said FDC was not a prison and quiting the party should not be as surprise to the Ugandans.

“We are in the struggle because we did not go in FDC as an end in itself. Those elders are in FDC, we are now in New Formation, but we are still in the same struggle for two things which brought us together then; removal of the dictator and managing power better.” Muntu said.

Dr Besigye on his part said he does not have any problem with Muntu quitting the party as long as he continues with the struggle to dislodge president Museveni government.

“The good thing is that people are moving to the direction of change. In Sheema North where we have a by-election, we have a vibrant FDC candidate who was the resident district commissioner of Mitooma. He has come with a mass of NRM people who support him. All these are indicators that people are seeking change,” he said.

On proposed national dialogue, Dr Besigye said the dialogue should not be about taking photos but should focus on removing president Museveni from power.

“I have a lot of respect for the efforts made by some of our senior leaders to take the country back on track through a national dialogue. But the organisers would be naive to think that the dialogue will go to the extent of negotiating Museveni out of power. Any dialogue that seeks to deal with the fundamental problem of this country, must address political transition,” Dr Besigye noted.

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