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Revealed: Odonga Otto borrowed torn court for his campaign rally

by Odongo Christopher

Written by the The Alternative Ugandans Facebook page

The year was 1998, commonly known as a black arrogant broke “long” to mean Tall; Mucholi a resident of Lumumba hall and a Gov’t sponsored student of social sciences at Makerere university was now Aruu County MP. Odonga Otto.

Broke to the born marrow, arrogant to the teeth, dark to the nail, slender and tall to the sky was this forgetful pauper in 1998. At first it seemed both a rumor and a joke that this broke yet arrogant village boy from northern Uganda would compete for the Makerere University Guild. What seemed a mere hearsay turned into reality as he [Odonga Otto] finally gathered the courage to contest for Guild President.

Broke as was, this courageous boy then; couldn’t afford a suit as a mean to at least match his fellow contenders in the Guild race. For some reason he was lucky that the people whom he now advocates for their beating considered lending him a suit.

Dark-Blue in color was a complete suit, sneaked into his room by a patriotic selfless Muganda friend amidst his [Otto’s] campaign agent’s majority Miranda under their famous opposition group “The Northern Connection”. Jubilations were felt allover Lumumba hall in particular his room. Guess why? The long/tall boy had gotten a suit!

Like they say that never count your chicks before they hatch, trouble befell when the long boy tried the borrowed suit. Eye witnesses still remember how funny Otto looked then. The trouser was more less Three-Quarter if not a short-like pantie. Seemingly in pain tears dropped out of Otto’s red eyes. In fact one would mistake his tears for Karuma falls! A poor he: his dreams of putting on a suit seemed buried.

As the pain and sorrow wore Otto, his team comforted him and implored him not to remove the “Mutema” to mean unfitting trouser but rather put on the court too. If it was jokers of now, one would call the very court a “SUPREME COURT” it was in fact big enough to fit a satisfied elephant! Both shabby and funny to your imagination was now the forgetful and arrogant Odonga Otto.

In his faded:- call it worn-out white shirt with a torn color that one would mistake for a rag was Otto for the entire campaign. Eloquent was Otto and broke was Odonga. Therefore Odonga Otto was both eloquent and broke. It’s a pity that he dint go through for us to tell about his constance. But later he would be consoled with a post of a GRC which was his spring board towards making necessary noise.

It’s with this background that the forgetful Otto needs to be humble, stand for and with the poor than uttering what he did yesterday when he thanked the police and LDU for beating the poor survivors of this regime.

As a movement we condemn the acts of those that hold guns. Which guns we buy through the painfully solicited taxes. In the same manner we blame in the strongest terms possible Odanga Otto’s immoral, inhumane, orthodox and senseless statement.

Whereas it’s true that we need to protect our citizens from both spreading and or contracting COVID-19, it was fair and possible enough for the security personnel to use reasonable force. Say no to any sort torture.

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