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Revealed: How Bobi Wine will gain his freedom to sing

by James Ateenyi

Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine calls for a peaceful demonstration.

The People Power Movement boss whose concert was on Monday blocked by police calls out all Ugandans to peacefully join him in protesting against Police Injustice and brutality.

According to Bobi Wine, on Tuesday he will personally deliver a notification letter to the police bosses asking for constitutional rights and protection during this peaceful demonstration.

“The official date for this peaceful demonstration shall be communicated later. As of now get ready to peacefully demonstrate against police injustices,” Bobi Wine stressed.

He added: “Every citizen of Uganda knows what this is about. President Museveni is simply not happy with what I sing. He would simply want me to sing praises for him, and since I have refused, he won’t let me perform anywhere in Uganda. Being the coward he is, his government has even proposed ridiculous regulations that would ensure that I don’t perform outside Uganda without clearance from the government. He simply can’t stand our message being aired out anywhere,”

Police on Easter Monday blocked and brutally arrested Bobi Wine as he attempted to access One Love Beach Busalaba and drove him to his home.

“We have now decided to resort to another lawful avenue to protest against injustice by the leadership of the Uganda Police Force. We are invoking Article 29(1)(d) of the Constitution of Uganda which guarantees every citizen the right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully unarmed, and to petition. We shall hold peaceful demonstrations against the brutality, injustice and misuse of authority by the leadership of the police,” Bobi Wine emphasized.

As the Ghetto president has considered this option to gain his freedom to to sing, it is important to note that police has in the past brutally cracked down on all opposition protests in Uganda.

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