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Residents in shocks as a man marries a blood sister

by Odongo Christopher

Kakamega couple

A community in western county of Kenya were left in disbelief  and cursing what would be seen a holly wood movie after a man from their area  got married to his biological young sister.

The incident took place in Kakamega county few kilometres to Ugandan boarder in the village of Mugai in Malava.

The couple identified as Fred Makokha and Rebecca Makokha left the elder shaking their heads.

As community culture, a traditional ritual ceremony was performed on the young   sibling who are in their twenties to cleanse them from bad omens associated with marrying relatives.

They were tied together and given ten strokes each as punishment and the marriage was dissolved.

The bull was slaughtered and intestine smeared on them.

The elders said the ritual was carried out to prevent generational curse in the community as a result of their unbecoming behavior.

The strokes were meant to deter them from doing the same in future.

The police commander in charge of Kakamega county said they left the issue to handled by elders because their case is very rare. He added that does mean that their actions were legal.

Several residents condemned the act saying it has brought shame to their community.

Others said the couple should be taken for counselling instead of condemning them.

Marriage between relatives is prohibited in most Africa societies and is considered against the cultural norms and tradition.

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