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Residents in fears as gunmen raids NRM boss home

by James Ateenyi

Armed gangs numbering three have stormed and raided the home of former Hoima district woman member of parliament.

The residence of Kahwa Tophace who is currently the Kikube woman member of parliament was raided on Monday morning.

According to the MP, the attack took place at around 2:00am but that no causality was registered during the incident.
According to the lawmaker, unknown assailants first attempted to break through the main gate in vain.

The attack happened on the MP home located in Kibati 2 cell, Hoima Municipality.

“These thugs, however, failed to break into which prompted them to smash my bedroom windows. Fortunately, we had called police which swiftly intervened. The thugs fled at the sight of the armed cops,” said the MP.

The motive of the attack is still unclear since the attackers took off before police could arrive.

“After being notified by the legislator but the assailants had taken off when we arrived,” police in Hoima said in the statement.

This is not the first time the assailants are attacking the MPs’ residence.
Last year, unknown thugs broke her gate and gained entrance into her compound but didn’t steal any property.

Kahwa is the current Kikube district NRM chairperson.

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