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Rema And Eddy Kenzo’s Seguku Home Askari Speaks Out, Reveals Everything

A one Apollo Mubutu who is said to be Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo’s Askari at Seguku home has finally spoken out. Mubutu has been the official gate man for the last 15 Months according to reports.

He says in his entire career of being a night security guy, he had never been employed by good bosses like Kenzo & Rema. According to Mubutu, the pair loved him like their own and even gave him a resting room.

”…honestly papa and madam have always treated me like their own blood. They even gave me a bedroom which was well equipped to the standards. I would get free medication from the Family’s doctor on their own bill etc. He told me that I should stop having my meals from the gate but rather come and have my meals in the dining with the entire family. There is no single day papa returned home minus buying me either shoes, shirt or anything from Europe (He would tell me Apollo kano kanakutuuka?)…he stopped everyone from calling me Askari but rather call me Apollo”, he said in an interview with a local media outlet.

However when he was pressed to comment on the break up, he declined, perhaps fearing he could be fired.

“…About their break up & Rema Finding anew man, I wont talk about it,that is personal between them two,the 1st time they met you guys never asked me to tell you my view how far they would go so don’t ask me about their destination”.

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