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RDC reveals shocking secrets of Bobi Wine and Mao

by James Ateenyi

After talking Hon Norbert Mao, off from running for president, after sending his entire termite network to Democratic Party, Many say he has no structures he is quiet! He has DP Bloc as his master card.

I saw DP Bloc strategising and building networks. They went and captured equally popular Musician, Jose….Mayanga. Remember, he first got baptised by people Power and confirmed in DP!

Many say, myopically and naively that ” it’s Hon Mao’s desperation to tame Mayanja having failed to court Bobi to DP, dull ugandan analysts!

I discovered, people didn’t either study political science, or they are just dull.

But those who know know. If DP Bloc was useless and desperate no one will demonise Norbert Mao or Bwanika or Mabike. But look at the blackmail they are getting?

Even DP politicians who broke their political virginity to the main opposition parties must be wary, their luck and dominating Buganda politics might end unless they consult their fading political instinct!

DP is PP. No DP is running for president but all are for PP. Turn to PP or Perish! That comfort zone is brief.

Despise DP at your own perill!

Thinking aloud!

Mwaka Lutukumoi

Former Deputy RDC Lira

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