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RDC reveals how people power will kick out Museveni in 2021

by James Ateenyi

Former Lira RC Lutukumoi Mwaka has said President Museveni can fall amidst all this mess in the country and if opposition unite then the future is bright .

Nelson Mandela said ” its seems impossible until its done! What happened in France, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Zimbabwe and Sudan can happen in Uganda. Yes, there is freedom of speech in Uganda but no freedom after speech! 33 years is enough to generate rage!

ITS ONLY A UNITED OPPOSITION IN UGANDA HEADED BY BOBI AND DP BLOC THAT CAN CAUSE REVOLUTION WITH A REASON IN 2021 NOT GEN Tinyefunza and Dr Besigye’s PREEMPTIVE STRATEGY TO be crashed!. In 2011, DP and UPC had a plan, DR Otunu came in with Daispora support. The Arab spring was to happen.

There was a plan to boycott the election with a reason of unfair laws, Dr went on to declare stance. It swatted the mission. After he declared, every party did. After election, we sat in Rubaga, decided to do walk to work. In the end, we also wanted it to end in the city square in millions! Then we were to make noise for a week.

From no where, We had gun shots, Dr was arrested and it was swarted. Dr. Show us that you are not the Messiah, join the rest to get a reason for revolution, else time will tell. Why revolution succeed? 1789 French revolution stood for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity! Bastille was stormed, 10 years 1789 to 1799. Libyan revolution of 2011, that saw Iron autocrat Gadaffi deposed, sodomized and killed ! Libyans were averagely rich, but never free.

They needed freedom of governance and exercise of their power. Unfortunately, it’s slow, after pulling out the iron man, who became second to God! ” ” Brother leader and guide of the revolution ” he was almost the Alpha and omega! He surrounded self with bullet proof and bunkers! 41 years unchallenged! The same happened to Egypt, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. After 37 years, he presided over hyperinflation and damaged infrastructure.

Autocrats prevailed during the cold war era, and the Messianic era of leadership. They looked like political messiahs! 21st century changed the tides, it’s now ideas and innovation, a chance for Millennia leaders. The autocrats ensures that there’s no competition. Like still in Uganda, its a hope in the dream that never was! After 33 years in power, Mr Museveni has created a pseudo democracy that has made him appear unchangeable, even in his party.

He even created an opposition that play his games. The military seemed in his sleeves! But looking at the lost comrades whose ideas publicly deferred from his makes one think what happened to Bashir, Gaddafi, Mubarak and Mugabe can still happen here. I heard Gen Tinyefunza say, ” you can run statehouse ” Dr col Besigye after disappearing from media is up again. We will kick him out of power before 2021! Its possible with an organized United opposition.

But seems the good Dr is playing Mr Museveni’ game! Its was possible in 1789 French revolution for Liberty, equality and Fraternity! Libya similar, Egyptians never poor! Mugabe over stay like the rest but hyperinflation and broken infrastructures! Field Marshal Bashir was kicked out because of no bread! ” bread revolution ” Now analytically, Ugandans are sick of one leader but needs fresh air.

The constitution was gerrymandered and jettisoned! No space, the state fused with ruling party! In case of any revolution in Uganda, there must be a reason, not putting the cat before the horse! The NRM architects and political commissars are set to preempt what may happen in 2021 after election.

I saw Gen Tinyefunza saying it, Dr Besigye want it done, preempted and crashed! Just thinking aloud. Looking at Kabakas birthday run, with youth shout our power, people power! No doubt Bobi wine, DP bloc, Muntu and JEMA and FDC United can cause that but with a reason! Election rigging is big reason, a reason for 1986 revolution! If Dr Besigye insist on revolution before 2021, like Tinyefunza against going for polls, I will respect President Museveni as a political commando.

Written by MWAKA LUTUKUMOI former RDC

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