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Chaos as pro Muntu MPs chased from FDC important meeting

by James Ateenyi

There was general panic in Soroti district during the Forum for Democratic Change homecoming party after several members of parliament survived being beaten by angry opposition FDC supporters who accused them of undermining the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

Hundreds of FDC members who gathered at Soroti sports ground booed Soroti Municipality member of parliament hon Herbert Edmund Ariko and Soroti District Woman member of parliament hon Angelline Osegge despite earlier pleas by Catholic liturgy team to embrace unity and tolerance.

The two members of parliament were suspected of being members of general Mugisha Muntu new formation.

The chaotic rant against the two members of parliament started when the FDC party spokesperson, Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, introduced the area members of parliament and asked them to address the people.

The crowd became rowdy and tried to block the two MPs who were being suspected as FDC moles from addressing them.
Mr Ariko while addressing them claimed there were some leaders plotting his downfall.

“I came voluntarily for a service, I still subscribe to FDC party,” he said amid heckling from the crowd.

FDC national chairman Waswa Birigwa attempted to calm the crowd but his pleas fell on deaf ears as residents asked the two members of parliament to first apologize to them.

“Please listen to me, have a heart, learn to forgive. All the times I have come here was to ensure we have good leadership, let’s be one,” he appealed.

The legislators instead took to their seats as the heckling subsided.

Mr Ariko said: “I was happy Amuriat invited me for the thanksgiving, though some people had advised me not to attend.”

He told the people of Teso sub region to embrace FDC since his election proves that the region is valued at the national level.

“When our cows were stolen, they kept deceiving us about compensations; they took us to the camps. I am saying we should have our pride back,” he said.

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