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President Museveni to camp in Nebbi as pressure mounts on his party

by James Ateenyi

The NRM National Chairman and President, H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will on Tuesday this week travel to Nebbi District to drum up last minute support for the Party Flag bearer, Emmanuel Urombi a head of the polls on Thursday.

Nebbi goes to polls to elect a new District Chairman following the death of Esrom Alenyo. Deputy SG Hon. Richard Todwong convened a preparatory meeting this Sunday morning at GAF Hotel in Nebbi Municipality to kick start the preparations for the arrival of the National Chairperson. The meeting was attended by area MPs & district leaders.


During the meeting the District NRM Chairperson Kermundu George Adubango confirmed two venues for the President’s rallies. The first rally at 10:00 am will be held at Alengu Playground in Parombo Sub County. This venue will attract residents from other Sub Countues of Achana, Akworo, Arussi and Parombo Town Council..The final rally will be at Nebbi Primary School in Nebbi Municipality. Participants for this venue are expected from the Sub Counties of Kucwiny, Padwol, Jupangira, Nebbi, Atego, Nyaravur, Alala and Ndhew.


Speaking at a meeting this morning both the Northern Regional Chairperson Hon Sam Engola and Deputy SG Hon Richard Todwong pointed at unity among members as a strength to earn the party victory on Thursday. “Talk to every person within your reach regardless of their political inclinations”, Hon Engola emphasised. On his part Hon Todwong said, “We should intesfy our operations and maintain team work in these remaining days”

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