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Police swing in action as Mafias takes over Museveni private land

by Odongo Christopher
Museveni in his firm

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit has arrested two men accused of stealing President Yoweri Museveni’s land.

The two suspects are Segane Peter and one Suuna Jimmy.

The land in question is located at Katwekambwa in Kabulasoke Sub County, Gomba District.

The state house anti-corruption unit says the president’s private land was encroached on by the suspects, who even went ahead and forged land titles for it.

“Working with the Police, investigations were initiated and the suspects arrested,” Said Lt Col Edith Nakalema who heads the unit.

Col Nakalema further stated that the stolen land was registered in president Museveni name.

These two according to police findings so far “fraudulently acquired 5 land titles on land already registered in the name of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.”

Col Nakalema further affirmed that, there are several loopholes in the process of acquiring land tittles right from the grassroot to the national level.

“We identified a number of lapses in the processing of the titles at the levels of the Area Land Committee, District Land Board and Ministry of Lands” says Nakalema

“The file in respect to the two suspects has been forwarded to the DPP. Investigations are ongoing and all those found culpable will be prosecuted.

Residents in the area whom we tried to contact on the matter feared to speak to us because the matter involved the president

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