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Police, ISO and CMI raided Bank of Uganda and arrested senior officials

by James Ateenyi

ISO, CMI and Uganda Police raid Bank of Uganda arresting 6 officials of the Central Bank.

Bank of Uganda officials have had a habit of printing money off the official approved figures, investigators believe this has been going on for a while since its believe that top cream of Bank of Uganda is involved in the scheme.

Operation specs to arrest those involved are still keep a top secret, only security directors involved in this operation are aware of who next to arrest, it is believed that the president gave a green light to this huge operation.

Info256 can, however, confirm that 5 top officials of the Bank of Uganda are being held at CMI headquarters and they are being questioned on the whereabouts of the 90 billion shillings that was printed in excess.

Our sources testifies that money entered Uganda through Entebbe airport well printed and transported using Bank of Uganda currency Vans to the Central Bank, a top high-level intelligence team entered the Central Bank recently and arrested whoever was involved, after realising that this money never entered the Central.

This is not the first time such has been done according to a credible source money has been leaving BoU quietly into Uganda system.

Security agent refuse to confirm that the deputy Governor is one of those arrested or give names of directors arrested.

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