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Police break silence on missing murder weapons in Kanyamunyu case

by Odongo Christopher

Sergeant Detective Alunyu Patrick, one of the state witnesses in the murder case against Matthew Kanyamunyu, has shed more light on why authorities were unable to recover the gun that was allegedly used to kill social worker Kenneth Akena.

Alunyu on Wednesday told court that he had detailed multiple confirmations from witnesses that Mr Kanyamunyu had another person conceal the pistol, after the shooting.

The exchange, he says took place at the hospital, where Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cythia rushed wounded Akena is the pretext of being Good Samaritans.

The officer cited a statement from one Moses Kikwaasi, one of the guards at the hospital who claims to have witnessed the swap.

“He told me that a few minutes after the victim had been brought to hospital, a vehicle entered into the hospital compound and he saw two people including the accused exchanging a pistol,” Alunyu testified.

“He told me that after the exchange, the other gentleman boarded his car and left immediately.”

Alunyu says later on, he arrested Joseph Kanyamunyu, a brother to Mathew, who was suspected to be the person that took away the gun.

The defence lawyers however objected to mentioning of Joseph’s name in this matter where he is expected to undergo a separate trial having been unable to attend court at commencement of this hearing.

In the last court sitting, Detective Superintendent of Police Deogratius Abongo, who was among the investigators in the matter and formerly attached to Jinja Road Police station informed court that they carried out a search at Kanyamunyu’s home where they recovered a dark blue suit alleged to have been worn on that fateful day

That during their search at Cynthia Munwangari’s house they found a long blue sleeved shirt hidden in her wardrobe.

Mathew Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari are charged with murder of Kenneth Akena

It is alleged that Kanyamunyu was driving with Cynthia and later on they got in a quarrel with Akena who was driving a Toyota Premio for scratching his car (Land cruiser Prado) and later shot him in the stomach.

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