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Police boss on the run after hiring police guns to assailants

by James Ateenyi

Police officer has absconded from duty is reportedly on the run after a gun which was used in a robbery about two months ago was recovered.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Geoffrey Odongo, an in charge in newly formed district of Bugweri has not reported on duty since the incident forcing police to trigger a police manhunt.

The AK47 ruffle was discovered by a farmer Friday while tilling his rice garden in Igamba Village, Iganga municipality in Iganga District and he informed the police.

The gun is believed to have been used by thugs in robbery and dropped in the garden after being pursued by police after reportedly robbing Shs95m from a warehouse along Kaliro Road in Iganga Town in July this year.

The robbers abandoned their vehicle reg number UAF 316K and ran away into sugar cane plantation following the incident.

Police later recovered 41 million shillings of the robbed money.

Police said Odongo is being hunted to answer queries as how the guns in police armoury could be discovered in bush.

“All we hear is that he is in Western Uganda, then Central region and the like but we shall get him,” a detective at Iganga Police Station who requested anonymity said of the fugitive.

The Busoga East police spokesman, Mr James Mubi said he is does not know where the senior police officer is hiding.

“I don’t know where Odongo is. I have no idea where he is; the information I have is that the gun that was used in the robbery has been recovered,” Mubi said.

He said Odongo would be charged in court once apprehended because it is only court that can determine his fate.

“Any other allegation besides that, I have no idea. About Odongo being guilty or not guilty is a trial process.” Mubi added.

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