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Police boss arrested for allowing the suspect escape from custody

by James Ateenyi

Police in Greater Masaka region have arrested one of their fellow officer on charges of neglect of duty after allowing a suspect escape from custody.

The report emerged that, on September 23 at around 8pm, 3 men attacked Sharifa Nankalubo at her shop at Kakoma village, Kalisizo sub -county in Kyotera district and later poured an acid on her.

She later made an alarm that attracted attention of the locals who turned up and arrested one of the attackers identified as Moses Kayondo before the mob descended onto him and beat him to comma.

Community leaders swung in action and saved the attacker from the mob before rushing him to Kyotera police station where he was received by Detective Seargent Willy Kasujja who referred him to a nearby clinic for treatment.

It is also said that despite being warned that the suspect would escape from custody, the police officer never bothered and as was predicted by the community leaders, Kayondo escaped at night under misterous circumstances.

On learning the shocking the incident, police in Kyotera swung into action arresting the detective seargent for neglect of duty that led to escape of the suspect.

The Greater Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson Lameck Kigozi confirmed the arrests and determination of their own adding that investigation into the matter is ongoing.

“It is true we have apprehended our own for neglect of duty .He had a duty of securing a suspect to perform but he didn’t,”Kigozi told the Nile Post.

The police address they are looking for the suspect who escaped from police and would be arrested if found.

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