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Plot to kick out FDC strongman Nandala Mafabi from office launched

by Odongo Christopher

BCU chairperson Nandala Mafabi

Forum for Democratic Change Secretary General who is also Chairperson of Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) Hon Nandala Mafabi is facing an uphill task as his position as a BCU chairman hangs in balance.

This comes after rival members of the union who do not believe in his leadership style have decidd to front a tough candidate to compete against him for the position of BCU chairperson in the forthcoming election.

The farmers have fronted Mr Julius Nakiyi to compete with Mafabi in an election scheduled for next month.

They opponents of Mafabi accuse him of mismanagement of the union fund, accumulation of debts and mismanagement of union assets.

They also accused Mafabi led committee of causing financial loss to the union and widespread corruption.

The group launched their campaign at Mafabi home district of Sironko where they wowed many farmers.

Mafabi on his side denied causing financial loss to the union stating that his management managed to reduce the union debts from 10 billion shillings to 2 billion shillings.

Mafabi further asserted that, continuous members petition also slowed the progress of union programs explaining that in his current tenure he revived and disposed over 500 petitions.

He also accused his opponents of spreading falsehoods with aims of confusing the farmers.

He however said he is not worried of competition urging that farmers will decide on who to trust when the right time comes.

This is the first time Mafabi will be competing for the position as he has been passing  through unopposed in all the previous elections.

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