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People power voters told to follows Bobi Wine lifestyle

by James Ateenyi

People Power US based activist Mukasa Barbra popularly known as Barbie Mukasa has called upon People Power Movement supporters to unite emulating what People Power supreme leader the Kyadondo East MP Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine.

People Power Movement is faced with the challenge of social media attacks among coordinators increasing suspicions among them selves which affects the struggle. Last week, there erupted cold war between People Power coordinators and supporters which has raised fundamental questions and needs a technical approach to bring all forces together.

Exchange of words which occurred between Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and People Power a couple of months ago has shifted to People Power verses People Power.

Barbie Mukasa has asked People Power supporters to concentrate on the dictator him self, not spend any crucial time fighting each other in the Struggle.

“To my People Power family, let’s be factual here in advocating change. Our president (Bobi Wine) is preaching Unity where as some of us are fighting unity.” Barbie said.

Mukasa said that all People Power supporters must look at Bobi Wine critically and emulate him if the People Power revolution is to be a success in Uganda.

“Bobi Wine is calling for United forces of Change, some are against it. Is this what Mr. Wine fighting for? Bobi Wine goes a head even to sing about togetherness ‘If we all come together we can change our destiny ‘. He always Advocate for a united force against president Museveni. Can’t those fighting unity pick a leaf? Barbie explained.

Mukasa quoted from Bobi Wine’s speech at JEEMA offices when he said that when people are united can never be defeated.

“As the oppressed majority let’s be focused . Together we can chase president Museveni, and we get crowned.” Barbie stated.

In an interview with Sewino Lawrence a political scientist, told this website that in any Struggle discipline is paramount. Any leader, must observe the discipline of his force, where there are gaps, there must be fixed immediately.

There is a need to control the overwhelming support of People Power force to face in the same direction pressurising president Museveni to accept peaceful transition of power.

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