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People power Vice President quit Bobi Wine camp over shocking reasons

by James Ateenyi

The news coming in affirms that controversial singer Jennifer Nakanguubi alias Full Figure has quitted Bobi Wine’s People Power Political pressure group saying its full of people who are envious of one another.

According to our paparazzi, the big mouthed singer and mother of two is not happy with the way the day to day activities of the political group are handled.

She says that when Bobi is out of the Country its her and now on remand in Luzira, Bajjo who are left to run the people power’s agenda. And when Bobi is back, all Paparazzi and useless wannabes like Eddie Mutwe start showing off.

The development follows the pain that Jennifer endured as her close friend and fellow People Power subscriber, events promoter Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo events was put behind the jail as the ‘Mukyakale’ singer claims she was abandoned by fellow members in the fight of securing Bajjo.

The No Nonsense woman narrates that she has been unaware that people power movement die hards are thieves, arrogant and envious as well as coward people.

To affirm her statement, she said that she witnessed how envious these people were after she told them to go and bail Banjo from police custody and and every chickened out.

Full figure added that people power has people like Eddie Mutwe who believe that they own people power whereas they have nothing beneficial they add on the liberation cause of the country, apart from taking selfies with Bobi wine.

“…..I wonder if a selfie can oust Museveni from power” full figure wondered.

She concluded notting that she has left people power to the likes of Eddie Mutwe and Arsh Burg Kato.

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