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People power supporter gunned down by assassins

by James Ateenyi

People Power supporter in Lungujja , Rubaga Division , Kampala has been shot dead by allegedly thugs yet unidentified on Tuesday 14 may 2019 at around 10;00 pm. A last son to Madam Nalongo Zzimbe a resident of Lungujja Kituunzi , Church Zone has been confirmed dead.

According to eye witnesses who has told this website that the alleged thugs travelling in a motor vehicle Toyota Wish have been following a vehicle of a said resident commonly known by his profession( Doctor), and when he (Doctor) suspected them he branched off and took a divergent direction.

Thugs went straight to Doctor’s house and robbed everything as they were leaving, the deceased was heading to his house to sleep.

Thugs suspected that he had seen them and could cause harm to them, thus shot him and died on the spot.

“They have shot him four times, they were scared that he was to mobilise residents against them. It is too bad!!! He has been a known supporter of People Power. He said that he will vote Bobi Wine in 2021.” An Eye witness said.

According to Sserwadda Patrick a prominent lawyer in Kampala a neighbour to Nalongo Zzimbe cautioned youth in Lugujja moving at nite at this time of uncertainty.

The deceased has been identified as Raphael Walugembe a third Year student of Nkozi University .

Police arrived at the scene and has started investigations to find out what was behind this murder. Lungujja residents have complained about Police that delayed to reach at the scene.

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