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People Power posed hard question to police regarding nailed NRM supporter

by Odongo Christopher

People Power Movement headed by Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine has asked police to carryout thorough investigation into crucifixion of NRM supporter.

21 years old Baker Kasumba was nailed with his NRM yellow beret in what police termed as political violence.

Speaking on the matter, People Power spokesman Joel Ssenyonyi whose pressure group was accused of carrying out the deadly attacks said People Power too had many of their supporters attacked by police police and NRM supporters.

“For anyone to be attacked for their political beliefs is wrong. People Power supporters have been attacked severally, boda boda riders have been arrested by police and locked up for simply wearing red berets, and so on, this is wrong. We’ve seen images of a man nailed with a yellow beret, police should apprehend those who did this because it is criminal,” Joel Ssenyonyi said.

“How come police did not come out to condemn those who attacked our supporters? Does it mean NRM supporters are more important than others?” Furious Ssenyonyi asked.

On issue of Electoral Commission not using National Identity card in 2021 Ssenyonyi had this to say;

“Coming up with coordinators was a consultive process. We’ve been rallying people to go get their national IDs and now they’re saying something different. I appeal to the EC to unconfuse people. It’s shallow to think that the more units we have, the better the service delivery we get. That is where the problem is.”

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