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People power police brutality victim recounts horrifying ordeal

by James Ateenyi

In the early month of May 2019, there was an operation by soldiers at lake kyoga, in all landing sites to temporarily stop fishing activities in the lake for about two months in order to have mature fish.

However during the process of operation, many people were affected, evicted from their homes, burnt down their houses, beaten up, woman and girls were raped, boats were burnt, fishing nets were burnt, others were made to collect feaces with their bear hands, yet some of them we’re not resident of landing sites.

Some resident in some landing sites had run away in fear of being torchered, so the soldiers would go 4kilometers away from landing sites to collect people to go carry out the burning of fishing nets, boats, collect feaces, even burn house at the landing sites, while raping girls, which was beyond what they were meant to do that is to stop fishing activities in the lake.

Then on the 22/05/2019, I Counsel okot B’tek Junior with my comrade Akello Jane planned to meet those affected as a result of such operation, since many of them wanted my legal representation at the Courts of law for compensation, I decided to meet them at once instead of one at a time.

We had organized a team of Lawyers to record their statements respectively.

However early in the morning at 5:00am on 22/05/2019, we realized that there was heavy deployment of both army and police at the venue where we had planned to meet the affected persons.

Through out the day the place remained heavly cordoned off by the police and army, so we did not carry out the activity, as earlier planned. Instead we kept out of the district.

Later around 6:00pm on the same day, we set off from Kaberamaido headed for Amolatar town, we did not go to the venue, but went and sat in front of one of the Hotels in town, situated on the main road, for about 30mins, we then left for Alemere Center which is also my Home (B’tek), we met mum, picked my belongings.

Then crossed the road, near my home there is a petrol station, there I saw one car packed, UAX 905N, inside were Eyal Lillian, RDC Amolatar, her Driver, her Bodyguard who is a soldier, one Tumukunde fully armed, Okello Ocan Masman who is OC Amolatar and another soldier.

These same persons in the above car UAX 905N was confirmed by my driver one Karim.

As I came back to where my car was in order to drive off, one Emong Alfred C/man NRM Amolatar Town Council came in front of my car with a motorcycle, while I was in the car.

I then got out off the car and asked him why he was obstructing me and why he has been following me and distrubing my boys to which he had no clear answer, so I entered the car left him there and set off while my driver remained behind at home/ petrol station to watch that car of RDC packed at the petrol station.

As we were approching Alemere round about we saw light behind us, and that was the RDC’s car following us, we turned to Awelo road, and the driver called us and said RDC’S car is following you drive and come back home, (to the same point where I had started the journey) which I did.

So we then decided to take the back street of Oramai road, heading to Amolatar town, then the driver called again and said a motorcycle is following you people, when we checked it was true, it could put off it’s light when it’s near us and put on it’s light when it’s a distance from us,

I then decided to drive back to Amolatar town,
As soon as we reached the main road before crossing, the motorcycle that was chasing us also reached, passing near us Turing left like heading back to Alemere.

Of which I immediately followed so as to identify who were those trailing us, then we realized it was one Orech Moses GISO Town Council Amolatar and Emong Alfred alias Adingi the C/Man NRM Town Council Amolatar

On recognising them, I turned and drove back immediately as I was approaching the road to Post Bank, we saw the RDC’S car that had earlier on packed at the petrol station near my home and followed us from Alemere

Came from Post Bank road and crossed in front of my car in the middle of the main road and blocked my car that I couldn’t reverse behind nor move forward, coz where I was there was mud.
Immediately they lowered their windscreen, both Eyal Lillian the RDC, and Okello Ocan Masman the OC Police Amolatar concurrent ordered the bodyguard to shoot at me.

Instantly the bodyguard jumped out off the car, fired the first bullet, fired the second bullet and it caught my right hand as I was trying to get out meaning they were targeting my head, as I tried take cover behind the car, the soldier/bodygaurd to Eyal fired other two bullets that tore apart the flesh of my thigh, crushed my knee cap and crushed my femur bone into pieces.

Thinking I was already dead, the bodyguard (soldier) moved round my car, checking if there were any other occupants remaining in the car, but found they had already taken off for their dear lives
Leaving me in a pool of blood half dead, the soldier jumped into the RDC’S car one Lillian Eyal and they drove off.

Thereafter I was picked up by good Samaritans who took me first to Amolatar H/center 4, where I did not get any help, then I was taken to Amai Hospital, where two bullet were removed from my thigh, later I was transferred to Kumi for further management.

All I can say is that this was a planned assassination, that was meant to finish me and everyone in that car and in the dark back steet road.

These are individuals using government offices and machine guns to kill the innocent citizens and claim they were operating for government.

These individuals like Eyal Lillian the RDC Amolatar, Okello Ocan Masman Oc Amolatar Police, the Bodyguard one Tumukunde, the Driver to RDC Lillian Eyal, Mr. Orech Moses the GISO Amolatar Town Council and Emong Alfred alias Adingi NRM C/man Amolatar Town council MUST account for their actions individually, they must be brought to book, Justice must prevail.

All these persons who participated in that assassination attempt have not yet been arrested except for the soldier/bodyguard to RDC Eyal Lillian, who is apprehended
The rest are still at large.

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