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People Power in shock as Wadri rushes to Museveni over Bobi Wine

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Museveni has on Saturday launched Phase IV of the National Backbone Internet Infrastructure (NBI) in the West Nile district of Koboko.

The president visited the region for the second time since last August during the hotly contested parliamentary campaigns in neighboring Arua district, where he was allegedly attacked by a group of opposition supporters.

One of the MPs, Hon Kassiano Wadri (the eventual winner the Arua Municipality MP seat) and was among the guests who on Saturday welcomed the President Museveni in Koboko for the NBI launch.

Our sources who attended the function told us that Wadri who is currently facing treason following the Arua incident begged the president to forgive him and 33 others over the unfortunate incident.

Wadri further informed the president that he is willing to work with him to bring development in West Nile region.

He urged president Museveni to consider prioritising putting the West Nile region on the National grid since power in the region is always unreliable.

The president on his part told Wadri that West Nile will be connected to the National Grid once Karuma dam construction is completed.

The incident of Wadri has however angered many People Power faithfuls calling him a traitor.

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