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People Power gives a hard hitting response to Bwanika and Mao

by Odongo Christopher

People Power Movement has responded to Dr Abed Bwanika attack calling the self proclaimed people’s power coordinator to calm down and continued working with Museveni.

According to People Power vice president Eddie Mutwe, Bwanika and Norbert Mao under DP block umbrella had tried to control Bobi Wine but failed.

“Yesterday, Nobert Mao came out with a long statement in which he directed DP Bloc members not to join or associate with People Power. Today Bwanika was on radio saying that Bobi Wine is killing their project by appointing regional coordinators,” Mr Mutwe who doubles as Bobi Wine body guard said.

“It should be remembered that these two gentlemen have tried unsuccessfully for two years to control Hon. Kyagulanyi. Their ball game was to use him to build DP which died long ago, and when he helps them recover it, be able to have some more negotiating power with Museveni.”

“Kati Bobi Wine yababuuka dda. Nze mbagamba nti omusajja ono mugezi. He decided to deal directly with the people and not necessarily the leaders who are double dealers. ”

“Their mission has now been fully exposed. But let them know that Ugandans are not stupid,” Mutwe concludes.

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