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Patient dies mysteriously in hospital, Doctors dump the body in nearby bush

by Odongo Christopher

Two medical personnel are in police custody and three more are on run on allegation of murdering a patient who had  gone to receive treatment from health facility in matuga.

The suspects have been identified as Patrick Mugwanya who was working as a clinical officer and Phiona Nampera who works as a nursing officer all employees of Fellowship Medical center.

The suspects upon killing the victim wrapped the body in cavera (polyethylene bag) and carried it in a vehicle before hiding the body in the bush close to the health center.

Police has confirmed the arrests of the two medics and are still hunting for the others who are still on the run as investigations into the matter continues.

Police said the proprietor of the health facility is also among those who are on the run and asked the general public to the to report him to the nearby police station in case anyone come across him.

The deceased have been identified as 32 years old Tumukunde Ivan who was residing at Kirwanira village in Matuga a Kampala suburb.

The deceased was said to have gone to the hospital by himself and was admitted by the health center to receive treatment for some minor ailment. However, the next day the resident discovered the body wrapped in polyethylene bag next to his village causing anger among the local who carried the body to health center demanding explanation on how the patient admitted in their hospital ended up being dropped dead in the bush.

Police later intercepted the residents along the way and confiscated the body so as post-mortem can be done. The detective later condoned the health facility and arrested the suspects.

Police said they would be charged accordingly once the post-mortem result is out since that is only way they can ascertain how the deceased mysteriously died.

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