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Pastor predict what will happen to Museveni in 2019

by Odongo Christopher

Former presidential candidate and president of People’s Democratic Party Dr Abed Bwanika has said the year 2019 will be bad news to all Ugandans.

Bwanika, who is also a pastor while predicting 2019, said that God spoke to him and revealed that the coming year will be full of state funerals.

He claimed that God is angry with Uganda top government officials who have caused suffering of several Ugandans for long time and would be severely punished in 2019.

He added that in 2019, oppositions will be united and would give hope to several Ugandans who have been yearning for change for long time.

“I’m Sure Museveni will become weaker politically and is bound to resort to holding a series of meetings with different stakeholders in bid to maintain his office that is slowly flipping away.” He stated.

Bwanika added that the president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni also knows very well that he has hurt several people therefore these meetings will also be aimed at forging peace.

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