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Pastor Bugingo survive deadly assassination attempt

by James Ateenyi

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of Makerere-based House of Prayer International ministries revealed that he survived an ambush by unknown gunmen last Sunday.

While speaking on Salt FM, Pr. Bugingo stressed that there was a well-planned ambush that was targeted at ending his life.

He explained that he was coincidentally saved when he delayed exiting his car at the church premises minuted before he hit the pulpit to start the service.

He revealed that the gunmen were set to execute at the time he was supposed to have started the sermon but God saved him and several other church members.

He then thanked the role that the media played in sabotaging the enemies’ plans because it disorganized their plans.

A seemingly heartbroken Bugingo furthermore told his listeners that they received a mighty deliverance which they had never witnessed before.

He mocked whoever was behind the act that they are free to plan for a comeback since the earlier one failed.

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