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Parliament suspends their sittings until President Museveni replies to Kadaga’s letter

by Odongo Christopher
Rt Hon Kadaga Rebecca

President Museveni has been given an ultimatum of 2 days to reply to the August house Speaker Kadaga’s letter in regards to the errant SFC soldiers who tortured the MPs , journalists and the public about two weeks ago.

The Arua chaos culminated into the public stoni the presidential motorcade, about 36 people were arrested including four MPs ( Kyagulanyi, Kassiano wadri) who were presented to court and charged with treason. Paul Mwiru and Gerald Karuhanga, Kyagulanyi and Kassiano wadri were the legislators who were arrested and tortured by the SFC soldiers.
These an elite team in updf charged with a special responsibility of protecting the president.

In the letter dated 27th August addressed to M7 , Kadaga she is obliged to ask him to address the situation termed ‘awful’ and ‘heart breaking’ which resulted into death of one person ( Kawuma Yasin) and arrest of 36 people. Her major concern was that the SFC showed no effort to arrest those errant soldiers named in the scandal’s and also the military police and police force who tortured the journalists and public during the pro #FreeBobiWine demonstrations.

This week’s Tuesday, hell was set loose when the August house charged by Jacob Oulanyah the deputy speaker claimed its irresponsible for the business to as normal when the public is outraged on these horrible situations trending in Motherland. The MPs were angry as how their fellow legislators were handled and tortured where Zaake is in ICU awaiting to be flown abroad for extra medical services.

The new opposition leader in Parliament and also chief whip Ssemujju Nganda addressed the Parliament saying business can’t continue like this until the president responds to the letter of Kadaga.

“There is no way parliament can continue with business as if nothing has happened certain MPs like Kyagulanyi,”Ssemujju argued.

“The issue of the security of MPs has to be addressed with great urgency to enable and strengthen the autonomy of Parliament.”

The leader of Opposition Betty Aol argued that the house cannot continue with business as usual stressing the need for perpetuators of the violence against fellow legislators to be brought to book.

Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo said added by saying that the torture witnessed by the lawmakers is so memorable advising that as the judiciary, parliament should also lay down their tools.

“We cannot sit here and continue with work if nothing is done,”Ssekikubo said.

The Government responded :

However, in their response, the Prime Minister, also the head of government business in parliament, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda pleaded with MPs to continue with business since the matter was in courts of law..

“The incident in Arua was unfortunate and many have been apprehended legally. All of them have now been bailed out. The matters are now in the hands of the courts of law,” Rugunda said.

The lawmakers however insisted on suspending parliament until the issues have been addressed noting that if the institution is continuously attacked, soon there will not be parliament.

“We need to make a bold statement that we will not condone such unlawful and in acceptable acts against MPs,” Ssekikubo said.

Efforts by the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah to calm them proved futile until he accepted to adjourn the house for two days until Tuesday September 2 when President Museveni has responded to Kadaga’s letter.

Kadaga in her letter to Museveni said that absence of any response on the torture and brutality on MPs and fellow Ugandans was a conduct in breach of the Prevention and Prohibition of the Torture Act 2012 in force in Uganda, especially section 2 1(a) and (b).

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